I wrote this blog article about process and the importance of following one in sports betting. I got a good amount of positive feedback when I wrote it. For more like it go to sharkygroup.tumbler.com. Enjoy!

Process , process, process. This blog I’m going to talk about a few aspects of my life that helped transform my sports betting indirectly. And is the reason that I do well now. And I believe anyone who reads these short stories will find some tidbits to help their sports betting , fitness or even golf game and life maybe. But first I’ll cap of the month real quick…..

+33.87 units since I started adding all plays on Jan 31st.

Enough said about that……it’s really good.

Okay, this story of process happened after a Hockey injury about five years ago the messed up my knee. It required a third knee surgery. And pretty much ended any sports for me. I had for years used kettlebells for workouts. Complex workouts with a lot of parts. Moving parts. At my age at time, around 38, I needed to try to bounce back to work quickly because I was on my own time. Because I liked the Kettlebells I did what anyone would do and started googling knee rehab with kettlebells. Well somewhere in that search came up the book Simple and Sinister by Pavel Tsatouline. I read a few guys who used this book to recover from injury. I bought the book. The principle of the book is that doing a few warmup movements and TWO exercises every day followed by TWO stretches you can recover from nagging injuries and become much stronger with less pain. I was very skeptical at best. But I decided to give it a shot. Somewhere in book it did talk about a period of time to follow the routine to see the benefits. So I told myself for 2 months no matter what I was going to do it. So every day over next months I did the same exact workout. At first I loved it. Then it became what felt to easy and extremely boring. How did I feel u ask? Well at first I was sore, especially my aching knee. But I kept going even though I didn’t feel it was doing much. But then a funny thing happened in month two. I felt great. Not only my knee with practically no meniscus in it but my back with two herniated disk, and my neck with yet another two herniated disk in it all started to feel better. And for first time in years I woke not sore in morning. This made the workout easier to do because now I was feeling the benefits. Even though easy at times and boring as shit a lot of times I know now that it is clearly worth it. End result is now I’m 44 and feel better doing less than I did at 34. Because I gave the process time to work. Onto next example……

Okay exawmple 2 of process. Golf. I started playing golf around 34 years of age. And I fell in love with it quickly. Great sport to play. I played a lot…..100s of rounds a year. Over next few years I practiced daily, read books, watched videos. I got pretty good pretty fast. At one point down to a 3 handicap. But then things started to turn. I had overloaded my mind with so much info on golf swing and even golf equipment that I was switching concepts and clubs on monthly basis. And my handicap went up and up and up until a point it hit 13 and golf had become not fun anymore. I didn’t look forward to anything but the walk. After a couple years of hating of the game I was doing my daily workout when I had a thought…..why not treat golf like I did my workout. So it just so happened that I had just watched a great golf video on YouTube from a guy named Brian Sparks….(Golfers…look it up…great video and book). I started following his principles exclusively. Well it took awhile but over last two years my handicap has dropped back down to a six and I’m having fun again. And improving. Bad days and bad shots happen but I don’t get stressed. I just move onto the next one with my swing. Side bonus, I know now it wasn’t my clubs so that saves me lots of money…..

Okay so what does this all have to do with sportsbetting? Nothing really but also everything. Look, in today’s society wanting everything and wanting it now people forget there are processes. Betting is no different. There are a lot of ways to beat a sportsbook but almost nobody does. Why? They don’t follow a process. If they cap themselves and have a bad night they are looking for new ways to cap. If they follow a capper who has a bad run they look for a new capper. If they lose some money they up their bet. They say shit like I’m done betting on that team ever because they lost me two bets in row. These are all examples of not following a process. If you Cap yourself find a niche, test it and follow it. Not for a week or a month but a extended period of time. If you decide to follow a capper out there then follow them for a while. Though their ups and downs that All cappers have. Don’t bail when they have a bad month or two or even three. Like I did. Because if they are decent they probably will bounce back. Not saying all cappers out there are decent because there are plenty of scammers out there for sure. Don’t pay a lot. And if they show signs of scammer move on. Signs like unavailable lines, shady record keeping or constantly moving units. 10 star pick of the year is a sure fire way to spot a moron.

Look I have used what I learnt from a injury to transform my betting and my golf game. I had done all those bad betting habits in the past. For many years until I settled on a process. Actually I got several processes that I currently use. And I add to them at times. Nothing wrong with change if it well tested and well thought out. But certain principles must be adhered to. They are...

1. Bankroll management
2. Except losses
3. Know now there will be days months even years when it don’t go well.
4. It takes time to win significant money at sportbetting.

If you can except those principles then you have a shot to do well at this game. Without them you are doomed. FOLLOW THE PROCESS! Okay guys I’m out….good luck to you all. Sharky.

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UCLA (+7.0) L
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Colorado (+11.5) L
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San Diego Padres moneyline (+100.0) WIN WIN WIN
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