This is the best game in all of sports. The always crucial Game 7. Win or Go Home. These teams have played some intense games. Yes they were blowouts in this series but they had to be earned with exceptional play. Both of these squads have had monster runs as the home team. This series is a good old fashion series where the home team is protecting there house. In game 7 though throw that stat out the window. Whomever wants it more will be the winner. This series was a toss up from Game 1. It was destined to go 7 games and now we are here.

The Wizards have had double digit leads in 4 of the 6 games in this series. I said this on CappedCast last week. This is such a critical fact to me because it tells me the Wizards are the better team and have the better PG in John Wall who has arrived as an elite player in this series and has answered the call each time when needed. Also he has pretty good supporting cast led by Brad Beal. This series can be won if the Wizards start strong like in the 1st 4 games but they will need to sustain because playing in Boston for game 7 will be no easy thing.

The Celtics the walk-in 1st seed because we all know the Cavs played strategy to avoid the Bulls and this team that is giving Boston fits. There has been a lot for PG Isaiah Thomas to deal with the last few weeks of these playoffs. He has prevailed in clutch spots especially in game 2 with a 53 point effort to get the Celtics the runaway win in OT. Tonight he doesn't have to score as much for them to win. What he has to do is be a great game manager and put his guys in spots where they can thrive in. Teamwork is key for The Celtics to win this game and they have shown plenty of grit all year. This game they will have to dig deep because being the home team has double the pressure. These guys will be motivated Rhe Celtics franchise has been in plenty of these but it's always an advantage for them and there crowd will be loud.

I'm going to go with the underdogs in this spot. The Wizards are a team that is coming of age because the franchise player has arrived and this can be his shining moment. Yes I am treating this like the ECF for these teams because they are a big longshot against the Cavs who are well rested and the defending champs. We as sports fans love these games still even if we feel we can predicat the aftermath of this hard fought win by whomever wins this game. In this spot I will take the plus money. The +175 ML on the Wizards is the bet and the Over looks very likely Play the 1H and FG on the Over. Game 7 in Boston doesn't get any better than this.

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