The Western Conference Finals started in wild fashion. It was the tale of 2 games. 1st there the first 30 minutes of game play. Then there was the last 18 minutes.

This was an incredible finish that left most scratching there heads

The Spurs were up by 25 and cruising then Khawhi Leonard rolls his ankle not once but twice in about 3 minutes and left the game mid 3rd quarter with 26 points and wouldn't return.

The Warriors who sleepwalked through the 1st half got a much needed lift from 2 time reigning MVP Steph Curry who dropped 24 of his 40 points in the 2nd half and showed why he has been so heralded these past few seasons he arrived when the moment called for it.

This was an incredible finish that left most scratching there heads at the end 113-111 victory for the Warriors in front of a sold out crowd that looked like they literally Where on the court when the Warriors Rally ensued.

Tonight they will be needed again because even with the twist of fate of Leonard out for Game 2 you can't sleep on the Spurs. This is the playoffs wins are earned not given.

The Spurs are not in bad shape at all

The Warriors run was going to come especially with the shooters they have. The Spurs came in playing off momentum from the huge closeout game against the Rockets we all know it was a monster blowout. They brought that same intensity and put the Warriors on their heels.

Once Leonard exited the game they were 26 point switch that saw the Warriors win this wild game by 2. The Spurs will have to have that effort and some luck but they are capable of pulling the upset they have a bench that is always ready to play and guy to keep your eye on who gave the Warriors fits was Kyle Anderson who is a playmaker in a 6-9 frame showed flashes of dominance throughout the game before hitting the bench in the 4th.

The Spurs have a strategist as a coach he will have a plan that will frustrate the Warriors until they figure out and then that's when we will see if they make the adjustment they have big odds against them but don't count the Spurs out.

The Warriors showed all of us that they are monster favorites to win the Golden Ball.

Wow! Curry and KD became super dominant in the 3rd and 4th quarter. Both players and the Warriors understood it was a long game. It was perfect timing once the Spurs started reeling. Most of us will be in awe of the scoring but what grabbed my attention was how scrappy the team defense was.

The Warriors kept the pressure on the Spurs all night and sped up the game when the Spurs wanted to chew up the clock. It was a classic performance for a team that keeps showing up and getting the wins.

Tonight they need to start fast and make sure the Spurs don't feel like they are in it but I expect a dogfight but the Warriors have clear advantage but that doesn't guarantee the win.

Ok I'm a be honest the Spurs have a slim chance of winning. The cover is more likely. If they can get a monster effort from LaMarcus Aldridge and timely scoring from Ginobli they could be in it. I feel like there best shot was Sunday for The Spurs.

The Warriors should have there legs back under them and start fast and get this game ended early. That's what it's shaping up to be but that isn't a guarantee. I don't mean to be redundant but the truth is truth.

This is the WCF we have seen crazier things happen but I will bet the The Under because I know most will be on the Over. This seems like both teams will be a little antsy and defense will be key because we all know that gives the Spurs really there only shot in this game. If not let's hope they keep it under 90.

Under 208.5 Is the play.

"Let's See How It Shakes Out"

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