Its Game 1 of The Eastern Confernce Finals in Boston. This was the norm for the Celtics it was pretty much a tradition until the late 80's.

The Celtics have not been a 1st Seed since the Big 3 days of Allen,Garnett, and Pierce

These were 3 guys who helped restore the Celtics back to the top of the NBA mountain in 2008. Appearing in 2 finals and 3 Conference finals appearances.

In 2011 that same team faced off with new big 3 in Miami led by LeBron James who had just became the NBA villain for leaving his hometown team in a infamous press conference that everybody grunted about. The reality set in this was his best possible option to chase rings and not be savior of a city.

The Heat beat the Celtics soundly that postseason in the East Semi's. In 2012 a gutty series in the Conference Finals where LeBron had one of his greatest games with his heavily favored team down 3-2 in Boston Garden he overcame that with an legendary performance that I will never forget. That season LeBron finally won a "Golden Ball". After not missing the NBA Finals for his whole 4 year stint with the Heat.

LeBron returned to Cleveland and brought his tradition with him. The Cavs have appeared in the last 2 NBA finals since his return. Including winning the 2016 Golden Ball.

The Celtics get the last laugh when we talk tradition. They have 17 banners in the Garden

This group of Celtics are not the same type of core that headlined those classic Boston teams. This is a scrappy bunch that was put together to compete but they have far and above expectations. The 1 thing that is in Boston's favor is tradition and if these guys tap into that Celtic Pride they could stretch the powerful Cavs.

This series is sneaky good anything is possible.

The Cavs have been off for a while after quick sweeps. They got plenty of time to scout their opponent. Cavs are chomping at the bit to take on somebody this squad has reservations for June.

This is the Playoffs

Teams have to dig deeper at this time of the year. The Cavs rested key players throughout the season to preserve there bodies for the 2nd season. It's a luxury to have everybody healthy this time of the year.

The Cavs will need to start fast and lock up throughout the game. Cavs will be tough to beat for this series but they can't take their opponent for granted because they do not have homecourt advantage but it doesn't really matter this team has been incredible on the road but with that said they are playing in hollow ground they better be up to the task.

The Celtics had a straight out-smack down-drag out East Semis against the Wizards who made them earn this trip to the ECF. The Celtics are the default 1 seed but don't tell them that they feel like they belong and they are the team to beat.

You have to love the Celtics heart but they are a huge underdog

That doesn't mean that can win a few games in the series. This team doesn't have any plans of being swept. Remember this is game by game situation no gurantees.

The Celtics will have to dig deep they have played 13 games in the last 2 weeks. In both openers for the playoffs they were jumped on quickly and down double digits. This will be there biggest obstacle the way they start this pivotal Game 1. Expect big efforts from everybody on a very deep roster that will relish this underdog role.

Ok my pick for Game 1 will be a bet that I feel like Is safe because it's the opener.

Expect both teams to be really loose to start and both will be making buckets. Both teams should hit the Over for the 1H and the game.

That's how this game is setting up to be lots of scoring and average defense. This game is intringing and the winner gets the 1st step to the NBA Finals.

"Let's See How It Shakes Out"

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