Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals from Boston. The Celtics started off slow in the home opener once again and this time it put them in a hole they could never get out of. The Celtics have dropped 2 out of 3 Game Ones at home in the playoffs.

Very uncharacteristic of an 1st Seed but it is what it is.

The Cavs being rested was a much needed lift for them. They looked very fresh and they where playing this like it was a scrimmage at some stretches of this game it was flat out embarrassing the way LeBron and Co dominated the Celtics.

Tonight's game is all about who wants it more

The Celtics need to play better ball and focus on execution. Also trash talking to the Cavs only motivates them more so the Celtics need to button that up and get buckets.

The Cavs can't overlook Boston which I highly doubt but they are the road so there are no gurantees in this spot especially with the monster homecourt advantage the Cavs already hold with the Game 1 blowout.

The Cavs where just incredible and showed that they are another level. The way the Cavs dominated proved that they are focused on team in front of them. Tonight it won't be so easy.


They are playing against a prideful bunch that were beyond frustrated after constantly getting scored on in a smooth and methodical way

The Cavs have to duplicate that monster effort and some.

The defense of the Cavs was questioned in the 1st few playoff games but since sweeping Indy they have locked up pretty well. Tonight they need to keep that trap on the perimeter to limit Thomas drives to the hoop.

Also there will be more fouls called in this game so Tristan Thompson has to play smart because he made everything easy for the Cavs on defense. He is the key piece to that side of the ball.

The Celtics played like a team that had played like they were a little fatigued. Seriously 14 games in 3 weeks. The Celtics had to scrap against very scrappy teams. Now they face a daunting task against the World Champs.

The Celtics showed they don't plan on backing down. Plenty of trash talk to the mighty Cavs but it's worthless when you're down 20. The Celtics should be motivated and take game 1 as an learning experience.

They aren't counting themselves and feel they can win games in this series and they feel like they can steal a game here. The home crowd is their loyal fans who will get pumped up if there Boys can get a lead and sustain that will play a factor in any chance for Boston.

The Celtics need to play smarter on the offensive end. To many individual plays and looking for fouls. The key to the game is Thomas being a game manager and getting all of squad involved. The Celtics have a better chance tonight because any team wants avenge a beat down especially on your home court.

My bet for the Game is based purely on how things go with the Cavs who have been lights out but also can slightly overlook teams and can be overwhelmed.

Honestly though it won't stop me from circling the -5.5 they should win by 8 or more points. Even in a tight game I can see them pull away late. Also the Under 217 will be circled in this spot as well.

"Let's See How It Shakes Out"

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