Dallas Can't Dilly Dally In Seattle

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The Toro's Are Tailspinning Once Again. Can They Pull Up In Seattle?

Dallas does this. The Toro’s have looked attractive since Schellas Hyndman last year as manager. Usually, halfway in the season, FC Dallas self-destructs.

We saw this recently last year in the Western Conference Semifinal against the Sounders. It took two games for Dallas to crash and burn. They can gather themselves up at Centruylink where Dallas was MLS Cup favorites when they last went to Seattle.

The North Texas club couldn’t win out west, three draws, and three losses. They lost close to the Pacific at Portland and in Los Angeles. The games were limited two to three goals scored by both teams.

Dallas failed to score versus Seattle in Frisco. The absence of Jordan Morris gave the Toro’s an ability to create an offense from the right side where 46 percent of the attack was taken place. The liberty of attacking from the right side made Seattle focus on that space. FC Dallas simply attacked from the left with ease.

The Sounders attacked from the left side, 42 percent of the offense came from that area. Seattle did attempt to create an offense on the right. Panamanian International and new legend Roman Torres tried to spark an attack from the defense. It fizzles in the midfield through dispossessions.

Seattle couldn’t have a steady possession in the first half. Their defense kept them in the match. Dallas continued to attack the flanks. Michael Barrios had free range on the right side for the Toro’s to create and take on defenders.

Dallas only took long shots to score. So did the Sounders. Dallas’ backline played to their once dominant glory. Seattle’s Alonso Osvaldo was annoying the Dallas attackers. His aggressiveness was a positive to an otherwise cautious Seattle performance.
Watching over 40,000 American soccer fans on TV is the constant hope we’ll have a better national team. The actually match between Seattle and Dallas may be end to end with no excitement in between.

Seattle may score one goal and so will Dallas.

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