Didn’t bring home the win for a positive week today. Went 3-4. Still not getting the breaks. It will turn as it always has. Will keep this short. It is Christmas anyways. Lets do a quick look in on the week.

This week 3-4 -1.37x
The last month 15-16 -2.37x
Since the return of the SGP 17-18 -2.49x

Nothing very good in there. Been a bit of a struggle and I haven’t yet to catch fire. Got rid of the moose shit though. That was a tough run for a bit. Had a chance to turn in a positive week, witch I will ALWAYS take but came up a little short with Miami today. Had 5 games I really liked today. I played 3. Lost them and the other two....well you know what happened. Way it is. Way it always has been. Looking at some the sport specific numbers....

NFL 4-5 -1.38
CFB 2-3 -1.23
NBA 1-4 -3.32
CBB 10-6 +3.44

Still to early to talk about that stuff to much.....

The games for the week.

IUPUI +28 L. Moose. Stupid. At one point with a few minutes left IND was actually with in 10 or so. This killed us here. They actually got to close and tried to win in a foulathon. Next thing you know they lose by 30. And with 22 seconds Zags hit a 3 to seal deal. It was dumb. Tough loss.

AKR/FAU u65.5. W. This got a little sweaty late cause of Kiffin. But mostly just finished pretty easily.

SMU -3.5. L. Dead ass wrong here. Lost by 41.

TOR/PHI u219. L. First half they went off. Never felt that close after that.

Elon +4.5. Won straight up. They basically controlled the whole game. My numbers were good.

TOL/CLEst u148.5. W. Got this one pretty easily to. Was a Pinney move and those are the best. Landed really close to my numbers. These CBB games just seem to be in my wheel house right now.

MIA +11. L. This sucked. Had a chance late in the game to maybe cover. 1st and goal from 15. Penalty and a few dumb plays later they give up the ball to KC in Good field position. Game ends right there. At least for us.

Okay guys. That was just a quick recap. Next week I will go into some stuff I am working on for future. Some systems I am exploring. Until then, play smart and have a Merry Christmas!


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