In this day and age there is so much information available to a sports bettor. Stats, Trends, Cappers and a host of info on betting % and ticket info. Some of this info is good. Some can be nonsense. I am going to go thru some of it and talk about its merits or lack of. In this exercise I hope to strip away some of the stuff in hopes that you have less information overload.

Lets start out this way. I am going to talk about information overload for a minute. Now as I say this know that I am guilty as anyone of falling prey to this at times. And it is easy to do in the internet age. It wasn’t all that long ago I can remember using the actual newspaper for stats and lines. These days there are so many tools available. Some are free and some you need to pay for. Although some are cheap.

Having these tools can be great but at times you get bogged down to much. Trying to look in a million different directions to get your pick to fit. What happens is you have a line you set, the vegas lines come out and Bam! You love it. Feel good about your line. You have a play your wanting to get in on. Next you go to board, whichever one or several you use and start comparing numbers. Looking at money percentages. Then you hit one or five of your favorite stat sites looking at your favorite stats, all 2-200 of them. Next you either hit Twitter or some of your favorite free capper sites to make sure they are not against you. Once you compile all this info and your head is spinning. You got so much info. It almost becomes to much. Sometimes they all align and thats great. (Those ironically are the ones I never hardy win). More likely there are conflicting points all over the place. Then what!!!!

Then you start second guessing everything. This is information overload. Now I am writing this for anyone who has ever been here. But just as important I am writing this for me. This is how I have felt last few weeks. And it is not the first time. It happens to most novice sports bettors and even to guys who have been playing this game successfully for a long time even. I am sure there are the analytical types who’s computers drive them and they ignore the nonsense. Good for them. I get my info from other sources using my computer and that is complicated enough for me. Let alone making a algorithm or whatever to make picks basically for me.

So lets talk about some tools I use and even a few I don’t. We examine some merits to each. I will mention some changes I am making in personal uses. I will touch on a few I know people use and why I don’t. See if we cant declutter our heads a little bit.

The Boards.

Many different websites have boards. Dons Best, Vegas Insiders and Sports Insights just to name a few. They all have some advantages. My personal favorite has always been Sports Insights. I just like the look of it. For a few years they have offered to see Money % for a rather large fee. I had a buddy who paid for their insider and he would feed the info to me. He stopped and they a little later started offering through their app a much cheaper version. 20 bucks a month. But I am cancelling that because it is feeding into the information overload. For years I lived without this info and it was all good. The bad thing is it changes quickly throughout the day and just when you believe you got something a half hour later it has totally went the other way. And by reading lines you can basically know where money is at and where it is going. I do and always will pay attention to ticket % and line moves though. Besides building a line of your own it is the most important thing you must learn. IMO.


There are a million of these. Literally. The thing I would say when it comes from stats. Pick a few you feel are predictive and stick with them. Don’t look at 20+ stats. Team Rankings is prolly my favorite for stats.


There are whole sites devoted to trends. Trends are basically worthless to me with a **. I will get into that in second. But there are cappers who do well and they basically bet on trends alone. My problem with it is there is basically trends on both sides for every game if ya dig long enough. One of my favorite podcast (The Sharp 600) is done by one of these trend guys. But it is fun to listen to and he does well. I have been and always will be a guy who likes to hear about all kinds of cappers and the how and why of their picks.

Back to the **. Many of you know that I have used Bet Labs for just about a year now. This I guess could be considered trends type systems. And that wouldn’t be wrong. I have been fascinated by BL since it came out and I started listening to their Pod. I will say this about it. With careful research and discipline you can absolutely win using BL. And I will say this also. It is a great time making systems, testing out theories. Literally anything you can dream you can build. I always used the starter pack. Gives you 10 systems at any given time. But you can build delete and look at 100s of system and the picks associated with the particular system. The starter membership cost 50 a month. Pretty low cost really. But I am letting it go. Not because I believe any less but because I got 10-15 solid systems I have built. A few for each sport. The thing is I don’t really need to pay them to alert me anymore. My systems are built and I know them well enough and have seen large enough sample sizes on them I can spot them myself. Doesn’t mean I wont occasionally pay for a month here or there to check them or tweak them.

All that being said even my BL systems add to info overload at times.


Super fun to listen to. Many great ones. Beating the Board, Bet the Board, Sharp 600, Bang the Book, Bet the Process, Behind the Bets and The Buffet. Just to name a few. They are great. It is fascinating to me to hear bookmakers and touts talk about their processes. Just don’t get to wrapped up in their picks. Just listen to info about situations and injuries. They are fun and kills time in the car or working out or while capping.

Touts on Twitter or different websites.

Again be careful with following picks or even letting them sway you from a pick. I admit that I have let these guys influence me to much in the past. Now I don’t really pay attention to them. There are a few I like to see were they are at. If they actually write games up like Sherwood they are interesting because again if gives you insight into what successful guys do. Always be open to learn something.

Okay. There ya have it. Make a New Years resolution to NOT get a information overload. Clean up your capping and lets all have a great new year. May it be a profitable one.

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