The year is over. It was a really good one for me. We will touch on the numbers a bit. Talk about last week. And a little about going forward. Lets do it!!

Hey guys. So how was your year? Mine was good. I am going to talk a little about the year that was and some highlights and lowlights.

I finished the year at 34.4 units up for the year. This is MY number based on what I did. They were all out there. For the biggest part of year I was betting a half unit when I was playing the volume. Then when I went back to the SGP a month in a half ago I went back to a full unit. This makes it complicated to give out exact numbers. From here on out all I track for this site and you guys is the SGP and that will be easier to give you exact numbers. I will continue to update daily,weekly,monthly numbers on that pick. I am playing much more than that. Including some live betting. A lot of ML bets. Just to hard to keep that all so I will continue to just give the SGP from here on out. 1 a day. Except some special days maybe. As always if you want to know where I am at just ask.

Highlights of the year.

April and May in Bases. Crushed it.
CBB. Was all around great season.
Win totals. 8-3 in football. 5 of 6 in bases.
Early season NFL. That was fun.

Lowlights of year.

Bases struggled June and July. Stayed positive.
I had two days in June where I lost 12+ units in a day
NBA has started rough yet again this year. Been turning around though.

Now lets look at the SGP over last week.

5-4 +.79x

For last month it was 17-15 +.87x
Since it came back it is 22-22 -1.7x

#s by sport

CFB 3-4 -1.32x
NFL 6-5 +.62x
NBA 2-6 -4.41x
CBB 11-7 +3.41x

The picks this week....

Princeton/HI u136.5. L. Close. Bad second half to kill the bet. Right side still.

HOU/OKC u217 L. This one almost made it with a low 4th. But was most likely the wrong side from start. Happens.

OAK +10. W. Nice win to finish out Christmas Day. Got a little hairy at end. But held on.

TOR/DAL u208.5 W. Easy winner.

FSU -14.5. W. Never any doubt on this one.

DET -4.5. L. Totally melted in 4th. I liked the side but it just didnt make it.

WF/Tam under 65.5. L. NEVER EVEN CLOSE! Over first drive of second half.

CAL +7.5. W. Nice one. A outright winner here.

KC/DEN over 37.5. W. Easy cover. Went just as I thought to finish up NFL.

So it was a good week. The SGP will turn around and be profitable as it always was. I have NO doubts. It will be here forever. And if you do nothing else but it you will do well year in and year out. I enjoy doing it. Todays is out and lets hope for a good year firing a winner out of the gate. Have a great new year and lets cash some tickets!!!


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