Well I almost couldn’t have drawn up a worst way to start the new year than 1 for 6 for the SGP. It happens. Never a fan of these losing streaks. But they happen. It will bounce back. I am hoping it does so in time to save this month. Ended up just over a unit last month and I hate losing months. If it don’t start happening now it will probably not happen. Okay lets get into it.

1-6. That was the first weeks record. And as bad as that sounds the picks were even worse. Most of them were not even in ball park. Does that mean they were bad picks? I don’t believe so. I go in on a side of a bet with confidence. Does it mean I will be right. Hopefully between 54-60% of the time it will be. That’s what I am shooting for. But sometimes it is dead wrong. And it was a lot this past week. Lets look at the ugly numbers.

Last week 1-6 -5.4x
Last 30 days 13-19 -7.33x
Since the return of SGP 23-28 -7.1x

OCT 15’-JAN 17’ 262-223 for 29.7x (54.02%)

NFL 7-6 +.54x
NBA 2-8 -6.56x
CBB 11-9 +1.31x
CFB 3-5 -2.39x

So there are the weekly numbers for you to look over. Don’t spend a lot of time doing so. It is counter productive. I had a decent week with all my picks. Unfortunately I no longer give out everything. So lets focus on these. NBA is off to another cold start. Just like last year. It turned though so lets hope that is the case again. NFL was great this year all in all. CFB was a disappointing campaign. After a great season last year. CBB is off and decent start there. Still haven’t released a SGP hockey game but it will be coming. Lets look at the games this week specifically.

OKL/UGA under 61.5. L. Well, this went way different than I thought it would go down. Was over first drive the second half. Sooner defense was bad. Big play after big play. Thought it was solid going in but.......

SAC +4. L. Here I liked kings to start fighting back. When a team has been struggling ATS there is usually some value there for the regression. Well it came. I was there for it. But it wasn’t this game. They got crushed.

GW +1. L. They got steam rolled second half.

MD +16. L. MSU doubled up this number. I felt there was some inflation on MSU. And they ended up getting housed against OSU last night. Gave that out also as a lean. I figured MD may be the team to scare them. They didn’t.

MIA -4.5 L. MIA had chances. They ultimately won in OT. Not by the required number. This was one that felt like it got away.

ATL +5.5. W. Here was this weeks win. They were the better team. Loved this play. Sprinkled it a little also.

BUF/JAX o39.5. L. Wow. This was some defense, and some total lack of any offensive at all. Jax will NOT be moving forward this playoff IMO. I knew pretty early on that this bet was dead.

There you have it. A daily dose of vomit picks. It will be alright. They will come back. It always has. I have been releasing and playing these things for a long time and the success has been there. Does it mean this will be a great week. No. It could be. It will be tough sledding to get back to +$$ this month considering it is a -5 unit type start. But in coming weeks it will rebound.

I believe it was June of 16 when I lost 11 in row. Then I went on the hottest streak I ever had hitting like 19 of 22 or something insane. Was one the best July’s I ever had. Just be patient and use good BR management. Lets start today to gain some this week losses back.

GLA, Lets do it!

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