Hey guys. Been a good week for the SGP. Things have turned around nicely and getting close to erasing that bad streak of early January. In this blog post i will talk about the week that was. Last 8 days actually because I am running a day behind. I am going to talk about my other bets that didn’t perform nearly as well over the last week. And because some of you still want the volume I will tell you where to get them. Lets get into the heart of it now.

This has been a good week. The SGP has won 6/8 since my last blog post. Was a much needed turn around. Lets look at some numbers.

Last week 6-2 for +3.85x
Last month 15-17 for -3.1x
Since SGP return 32-34 -4.44x

Better numbers than last week but still needs improvement obviously. It will come in time.

CFB 3-5 -2.39x
NFL 7-7 -.56x
NBA 4-9 -5.61x
CBB 18-13 +4.12x

There is the game by game. Obviously the increase in CBB plays have happened for a reason. That’s what this turn around has been based on. Although I can tell you the others are turning some to with my other plays that I will talk about that here in a bit. I think one the biggest changes that has happened this past week is a small tweak to the way I have made my plays. I am getting it out earlier as you could’ve noticed. I am beating the line move and in most cases by a lot. It is always better to get the best of it although that in its self means nothing if you don’t cash it.

So I will continue moving forward here and hopefully this hot streak stays alive.

I am still getting request to see all my plays. I am currently posting these on Onside sports. They are there for anyone who wants them. A group will go in in morning. Then expect a group later in day. And of course there will be live bets that come in throughout night sometimes. Not a ton of that though. And these did not go well over last week. Huge night last night though. I am playing a lot of stuff here. It is not for the faint of heart. A lot of ML dogs. Be careful if you choose to go this way and keep your BR in check. A lot of the BL systems I play was the biggest reason for my loses this last weekend. They will fight back. They always do.

So that basically sums up the week. It is full on hardwood going on right now. And will stay that way until bases gets going. And that isn’t far off either. With Super Bowl coming up it will be the focus of betting world for next two weeks. My first glacé I have nothing. I will need to read and read and see if I can find something. Have a good one and bet smart! Scott.

PS. Don’t mind grammar or spelling mistakes today. Was up all night with dog who is scared to death of storms. My head is bobbing as I finish this up!

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