Another week in the books and it was another good one. Ended it with a couple losses and the super hot streak may be slowing down a bit. But I made up ground and got back to positive $$ way faster than I thought I was going to. Lets get into it and see how it went down!

Okay I went 4-3 for +.89 last week. Will take that every week. Lets look at the numbers.

Last week 4-3 for +.89x
Last month 19-11 for +7.37x
Since SGP return 41-38 for +.35x

Solid numbers there considering a month ago the struggle was real. Stay with the process. Things coaster, that is the way it has always been and the way it will always be. Here is the sport by sport breakdown.

NFL 7-8 for -1.61x. Those guys who was with me whole NFL season knows I had a decent campaign this year. It’s over now with two bets in row on NE and they went down in flames both times. Oh well. Can’t wait for next year.

CFB 3-5 for -2.39x This wasn’t my year here. A few just plain brutal Saturdays.

NBA 4-9 -5.61x. I have talked some about this struggle. Hopefully we get this number a little better second half.

CBB 27-16 +9.96. Majority of SGPs will be here until bases gets rolling. This has been the bread and butter this year.

How did the my leans (Onside Picks) go? They were profitable as well. Some real swings though. Not for the faint of heart.

For week 25-21 for 1.9x
Since going back to SGP leans are 71-56 for +9.4x (55.9%)
I beat the Line move 59 of 97 times when it moved. That actually went down a good bit this week.

Those are both acceptable numbers and I feel great about how this is performing. I will keep playing them. It does get stressful at times though. This week alone had a solid 1-8 day. On other side of that also had a fun 10-4 and 6-2 day. The percentage is great though. Can make solid profit if you have the stones for it.

Again these can either be found on Onside Sports or in writeup for SGP and I will almost always Tweet out the ones that get added after the SGP gets sent out.

Okay that sums up the week that was for me. Decent and fun week in sports. Sad to see football gone. Ready to move onto Bases. It really is a grind but all in all the workload to look at baseball games daily is much easier than this crazy CBB shit. Saturday’s kill me. NBA games are tough in sense that with injuries and player rest can kill a bet that was solid and a lot of times these are decided very late. NBA is really a all day affair anymore and I am a morning capper. LMAO.

That’s it for this week. Bet smart and have fun! Scott.

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