Here we are another week into the year. Wasn’t a great one for the SGP. Wasn’t for me in general either. But you will have those. Some of you prolly read my rant yesterday when I was kinda on tilt. I did wake more refreshed today though. I have gotten over it. Moving forward. In this blog I will talk weekly numbers for the SGP and the others, a Idea I have for the site, the baseball preview I am releasing TODAY, the future of the POD. Lets dive in.

Lets get started with the SGP numbers for the week.

Last week 3-4 for -1.36x
Last Month 15-15 for -1.18x
YTD 34-30 for 2.96x
Since return 56-51 for +1.26x

NBA is 6-10 for -4.7x
CBB is 40-28 +9.96x

Not great week but you will have runs like that throughout the year. Not a biggie. It is showing some profit long term but certainly not performing as well as I would like. Just keep chopping away here.

Other plays

Last week 18-21 for -5.2x
All time 156-128 for 15.9x

Not a good week here. Honestly had a bunch of bad beats in that mess. Not that those don’t happen because they do. It is still doing well.

So those are the weeks numbers. Hopefully this week I do a little better. The biggest part of CBB is over and I am actually glad. It is wearing me out. Lets move on to some other business.

I am going to start posting a few extra plays on site beside the SGP. The SGP will still be there as its own stand alone thing. These other posted plays will be posted if......

1. They are considered as strong as the SGP. Meaning they would easily be able to be considered for my strongest type. They usually hit on about everything.

2. Only if I have the time to write them up just like the SGP. Some days I will have the time sometimes I will not.

3. The Line is still readily available when I go to post them.

There are a few reasons for this. It gives some of you other options for plays without playing ever “other type” plays eliminating the ones where I got in with a way better line. I will give me extra chances to spread some words about the games I love. And with Bases coming up I do usually have strong opinions on more than 1 game a day. Play them if you want or just keep playing the SGP. Both options are there. I am actually tightening up my perimeters a bit to lower the volume a bit for the “other plays”. This may help me with that also.

Okay. I am posting the baseball preview today. Actually I was hoping it would be better than it is but..... I just haven’t had the time or energy to go a whole lot deeper. I will finish a few things off and release it here in a hour or so. There are a few totals in there I have played.

I haven’t given up on Podcast i have been messing around with. I plan on doing some day lines shows. I will start doing some like a Q/A so if ya have questions go ahead and shoot them over.

With CBB ending my time level for other things will improve. Of any sport I do CBB by far takes the most work. Bases in a daily grind also but far fewer games. NBA same thing. And this season in NBA is even more so because I have eliminated a bunch of teams to even consider playing on. I tweeted a little about Dallas yesterday and how they checked all the boxes. And then they got crushed playing uninspired BB. To be perfectly honest I will be playing against some of these tanking teams going forward. This season there is a giant race for the bottom. Has made for a bad product in NBA this season. But I have seen this coming. You cannot have a successful League when the same two teams continue to dominate. The NBA dropped the bomb when they let caps get to the point these teams build monster squads. What the fun knowing GS will win it all. The players are bored and so are the fans. That’s my opinion and I am sure GS fans would disagree. In any case it has really hurt betting on NBA for me personally.

Okay. That’s it today. Lets have a better week.

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