Sky Blue Scoring on Them

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Sky Blue Maybe flying (passing) to a Playoff Berth

Helter Skelter (adjective, adverb) In disorderly haste or confusion.

This term can describe Sky Blue FC play and 2017 season. Sky Blue was a free-flowing counter-attacking side worthy of being a playoff team. Their victories included wins against NWSL postseason squads.

Eleven loses, ten wins, and only two draws signify a yo-yo campaign. Sky Blue was third in goals scored but worst in goals allowed.Between July 23th and August 13th, they lost three straight games. In two of those games, the opponents scored five goals.

The Washington Spirit defeated Sky Blue scoring four goals twice.
The awesomeness of Samantha Kerr made fans ignore the poor defense she had to save. What Sky Blue has now is young players with the first-team experience to adapt.

A probable backline of former USC Trojans Mandy Freeman and Kayla Mills have a season of multiple first teams' starts. Erin Simon gained experience from a shaky season. Erica Skroski started for two years and must provide leadership.

Carli Lloyd's arrival will bring focus to a talented midfield. French international Daphne Corboz had five assists in 2017. Costa Rican international Raquel Rodriquez scored four goals in 17 starts. The midfield poses an attacking threat, able to control the center of the field to patiently go forward. Carli Lloyd long-range goals can give the midfield respect.

Shea Groom can't be Samantha Kerr. Groom can be a threat scoring eight goals for Kansas City in 2016. Her goal tally decreased to five in 2017 but still contributed notching six assists. Canadian Adriana Leon adds more scoring options netting six goals and six assists for Boston in their last season.

The players Sky Blu FC has can find the right passes to set up a goal. The new manager, Denise Reddy, can apply a possession first philosophy she saw as an assistant coach at Washington.

In 2016, the Spirit went to the Championship game playing tiki-taka football. The run and gun counter attack may disappear in favor for a slower pace approach and for the better.

Sky Blue storming into the top four will not be surprising, the fact the experts didn't see their glimpse of greatness while erratic should be.

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