Another week in the books. Wasn’t a good one. Having trouble grabbing any kind of traction here. It is early in year though and do have time to make a real mark. Bases around corner. Today I will talk about the weekly records. And touch on the “other plays “ as far as sport by sport stuff. Bank roll management and how important it really is. Lets go ahead and get going.


This past week 3-4 -1.1 unit.
This past month 16-14 +.79 unit
YTD 37-34 +1.68 unit
Since return 59-55 -.06 unit.

I’m not happy with these results not only for the week but for the year or all time. Sure one win puts it back in green but its not making any big cash for sure. But I am just one hot streak away from that I guess. It is what it is. I just keep plugging away at it. And as of this writing I am already starting the new week with a W.

Other plays.

For week 13-10 +2.2 x
All time 169-138 +18.1x

Good numbers still here. Had a couple great days with a couple terrible days. So it is. I guess it is interesting to note that in these numbers my NBA season has been great. 79-59-2 for +10 units. (Not every single one of those are in that above numbers. This is my season long NBA record. Some were SGPs before others and a few may be plays before the SGP came back.) After last years horrible run in the league it feels good to be clipping along well again. I have been overly selective this season and it seem to be working. I wont be changing now.

So there are the numbers for the week. Not a lot to say about any of it really. Wish it was better style capping don’t love March Madness. But there is still some out there and I will continue to look for it.

Bases are very close. For any you who tailed my PHI season over or WS future we got great news last night. Arrieta signing was a nice piece to a already nice puzzle. The season wins went to 77.5 from 76.5 based on the news. No real move from the +10000 yet.

I am going to mention just a few sentences on BR management here for a minute after something I witnessed over the weekend. A NBA capper I pay attention to because he has been decent over the years dropped most his season winnings this weekend chasing off a bad week. I don’t know the exact numbers but believe he dropped about 2/3s of his winnings. He was making multiple 2 unit 3 unit and even a 4 unit bet. Lost them all. I have witnessed him do this before and survive. Not this time.

This is a horrible bad practice in my books. It is based on greed and the fact the capper doesn’t fully understand how hard it is to win long term. EVERY UNIT COUNTS. I can greatly respect the capper who hits 53% over multiple years in any sport. They should be proud of this and convent it. Hearing someone tell me how they have won 40 units this season is great. But if I go digging and seeing they are constantly moving units I lose most respect for them. Because it WILL always catch up to them eventually.

If you are shopping for a capper I strongly suggest you find someone who flat unit bets. Sure their numbers wont sound as touty and they may not be able to show they have won double digit units wins year after year. Give me the guy who consistently hits 54% and shows less flat betting anytime. These guys are the real pros out there. If you want to win more bet more. Simple as that.

That’s it for today. Lets have a good week. Scott

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