Can you turn $100 into $1500? If you can, you win. Capped Sport's March Madness contest is that simple.

All winners get $100.

Make this NCAA Tournament and NIT Tournament action even better by entering Capped Sports 2018 March Madness contest. The contest is free to join.

You can join this contest all the way up to the Elite 8 but the sooner the better.

Contest Link: March Madness

Join now! Capped Sports does not share your email or spam you. Ever.

Capped Sports is a 100% free to use site for sports fans and sports bettors. Use our tools to bet smarter.

Or, create a betting league with a friend and Capped Sports will track how much money you are up. No more arguments!

What are the rules for the March Madness competition?

1. Bet 15 or more NCAA basketball games. No parlays. No adjusting the odds.

Spreads / Moneyline / Over / Under

2. Minimum bet is $50
3. Maximum bet is $100
4. If you can profit more than $1500 in this fantasy betting league your email is Venmo'd $100!
5. One entry per person.
6. You can't bet the same side more than 1 time. Example: Betting on (Kansas -4) two or more times.
7. That's it! Good luck!

Capped Sports tracks results down to the penny.

Click on "Games" to enter your predictions or use the link below.

NCAA Basketball 2018

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Good luck!

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