Las Vegas has not been killing sports bettors during the 2016 MLB season. The charts at the bottom of this article have not been kind to the Vegas books so far. Favorites and Over bets have been cashing tickets at a good clip for sports bettors. Most bettors like to bet on lots of runs and good pitchers. This has been good for sports bettors and bad for Vegas so far.

The books typically clean up in MLB baseball. Vegas can usually make easily over 5% profit on their MLB action. This is better than NFL, NHL, or NBA. This year has been different however. Which teams are cashing tickets for sports bettors on the moneyline?

The books have been just squeaking by and these teams have not been helping them.


Texas Rangers $2625
San Francisco Giants $990
Cleveland Indians $940
Baltimore Orioles $805.
Detroit Tigers $545
Florida Marlins $535
Kansas City Royals $270
Philadelphia Phillies $125
Chicago White Sox $105
Pittsburgh Pirates $50
Chicago Cubs $15

Wow for the Texas Rangers! Last year’s AL West champs are killing the books. The next best team for sports bettors is more than $1500 behind them.

Should you ride the Rangers coming out of the All Star break? Go against them thinking they will revert back towards the average?

Who to Fade?


Minnesota Twins -$2140
Cincinnati Reds -$1760
Los Angeles Angels -$1595
Tampa Bay Rays -$1515
Atlanta Braves -$1150
Oakland Athletics -$1010
New York Yankees -$930

Bettors who have been fading the Twins have been banking cash.

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