Racing returns to “The Great Race Place” today and here is my Card for such a big day. The track was shut down over the

last month due to horses breaking down. The track has made
the proper adjustments and the game moves on. Let’s see if

we can get home some big winners and big exotics


PrimeTime Santa Anita Race Card

Race 1
Key Horse:#2 CurryForThreeBang WPS
Top Horses:2,7,6,4 Ex/Tri/Sup/DD/PK3

Race 2
Key Horse:#3 Trust Fund Kitty WPS
Top Horses:3,6,1,2 Ex/Tri/Sup/DD/PK3

Race 3
Key Horse:#4 Giddymeister WPS
Top Horses:4,2,9,7 Ex/Tri/Sup/DD/PK3

Race 4
Key Horse:#4 Holy Mosey WPS
Top Horses:4,7,5,1 Ex/Tri/Sup/DD/PK3

Race 5
Key Horse:#10 Beleth WPS
Top Horses:10,7,5,3 Ex/Tri/Sup/DD/PK3

Race 6
Key Horse:#8 Shane Zain WPS
Top Horses:8,4,1,5 Ex/Tri/Sup/DD/PK3

Race 7 San Luis Rey Stakes
Key Horse:#6 Ashleyluvssugar WPS
Top Horses:6,4,5,2 Ex/Tri/Sup/DD/PK3

Race 8
Key Horse:#10 Mr.Classical WPS
Top Horses:10,7,4,1,9 Ex/Tri/Sup/SH5

50 Cent Early PK5 1-5
Leg 1:2,4,6,7
Leg 2:1,3,6
Leg 3:4
Leg 4:4,7
Leg 5:5,7,10

50 Cent Late PK4 5-8
Leg 1:5,7,10
Leg 2:1,4,8
Leg 3:6
Leg 4:ALL

$2 PK6 3-8
Leg 1:4
Leg 2:1,4,7
Leg 3:5,7,10
Leg 4:4,8
Leg 5:6
Leg 6:7,10

Current picks on the board for PrimeTimeCapper

San Diego Padres moneyline (+149.0) L
$500.00 Pick documented: Tuesday, 20 Aug 2019 6:39 PM
pick locked in about 7 hours ago

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