Beautiful Saturday in Arcadia California. I’m actually headed to a boxing match in Palm Springs but while I ride I will throw something on the ponies. Let’s see how it shakes out.

PrimeTime Santa Anita Race Card

Race 1
Key Horse:#3 Princess ROI WPS
Top Horses:3,1,10,8 Ex/Tri/Sup/DD/PK3

Race 2
Key Horse:#5 Facts Matter WPS
Top Horses:5,9,6,2 Ex/Tri/Sup/DD/PK3

Race 3
Key Horse:#5 Rather Nosy WPS
Top Horses:5,6,3,9 Ex/Tri/Sup/DD/PK3

Race 4
Key Horse:#6 Ellie Arroway WPS
Top Horses:6,5,2,11 Ex/Tri/Sup/DD/PK3

Race 5 Frand E. Kilroe Stakes
Key Horse:#1 Hunt WPS
Top Horses:1,4,6,2 Ex/Tri/Sup/DD/PK3

Race 6 San Carlos Stakes
Key Horse:#3 Touching Rainbows WPS
Top Horses:3,2,1,4 Ex/Tri/Sup/DD/PK3

Race 7
Key Horse:#3 Lynne’s Legacy WPS
Top Horses:3,6,7,2 Ex/Tri/Sup/DD/PK3

Race 8
Key Horse:#6?Kenjistorm WPS
Top Horses:6,8,3,7 Ex/Tri/Sup/DD/PK3

Race 9 Beholder Stakes
Key Horse:#7 Mopotism WPS
Top Horses:7,5,3,2 Ex/Tri/Sup/DD

Race 10
Key Horse:#4 Crazy Sexy Munny WPS
Top Horses:4,13,7,2,3 Ex/Tri/Sup/SH5

50 Cent Early PK5 1-5
Leg 1:1,3,10
Leg 2:5,9
Leg 3:3,5,6
Leg 4:5,6,11
Leg 5:1,4

50 Cent Late PK4 Races 7-10
Leg 1:2,3,6
Leg 2:6,8
Leg 3:5,7
Leg 4:2,3,4,7,13

$2 PK6 Races 5-10
Leg 1:1,4
Leg 2:1,2,3
Leg 3:3
Leg 4:6,8
Leg 5:7
Leg 6:4,7,13

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San Diego Padres moneyline (+149.0) L
$500.00 Pick documented: Tuesday, 20 Aug 2019 6:39 PM
pick locked in about 8 hours ago

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