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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CappedIn?

CappedIn is much like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn but just for sports fans and sports bettors.

What is the Subscription Service?

Once you sign up you will see 'My Subscriptions' on your profile page. You can add people to your subscriber list and they will get an email anytime you make a pick or say something. You can connect your own payment link into the Subscription Service easily.

What is the 'Weight' score?

Weight is a unit of measure on CappedIn. Lots of things have 'weight' on CappedIn.

Weight can be though of as the influence a person, pick, article or other item on CappedIn has. It is based on:

1. How many people view the pick, article, analysis or other type of item.
2. How many CappedIn members vote the item up, down or hot. Becoming a member is always 100% free.

What is a Sports Betting Investment Fund?

You can start a Sports Betting Investment Fund and track its success. Track multiple fund strategies and stick with the winning ones.

The public can subscribe to your winning funds or you can share them with friends and followers.

Example: "I am so good at picking home team underdogs" - Create an investment fund called 'Home Underdog Only Picks'. Our computers will keep track of how this fund does. You can make as many funds as you want and see which is most successful.

Please go to FAQ's for more info. We'd love for you to join us!

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