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14% MOVE

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Hertha Berlin (+0.5) at
Borussia Dortmund (-0.5) over +2.5

Starting in 1 day: Borussia Dortmund MONEYLINE payout is now 14% higher than the starting line.

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LOOK AHEAD NOTICE: This game doesn't start for a while. There could still be more movement in the charts. Lock in now if you think the chart will not improve for you anymore. If you think this chart will continue to improve you should wait for additional line movement.

TAKING Borussia Dortmund MONEYLINE is now at max value.

If you have been watching this line and like Borussia Dortmund it is good that you waited. The payout for a straight up win is now 14% higher than when the line first came out.

Does this mean the bet is going to win?

No. It means that the payout for a MONEYLINE bet on Borussia Dortmund has never been better. The value of this bet is currently at the maximum.

Why is this bet at its maximum right now?

There can be a lot of reasons. Usually the reason is because most people are betting on Hertha Berlin and the oddsmakers are increasing the payout to try get more people to bet on Borussia Dortmund - It could also be because:

  • There was an injury that is affecting the odds.
  • Other factors, for example the weather could be affecting the odds.

Up 14%

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