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Green Bay Packers (+4.5) at Seattle Seahawks (-4.5) over +46.5

Game time: Thursday 9/4, 8:30 PM

Under (+46.0) @ $100.00 adjust +100.0

$100.00 Pick documented: Monday, 01 Sep 2014 2:31 PM

Green Bay Packers moneyline (+201.0) @ $100.00 adjust +100.0

$100.00 Pick documented: Monday, 01 Sep 2014 2:31 PM

pick locked in almost 3 years ago

Packers Seahawks Picks for Moneyline and Over / Under

Am I the only one in the world who thinks it is crazy that you can get +201 for the Packers on Thursday night? Getting paid out 200 plus for a 100 bet on Green Bay. Sign me up for that all day.

Making picks on the moneyline for the Packers because of that great price. I almost feel like I am missing something. +201? So so good. I also am throwing down a pick on the under. But my main play...

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Welcome! Admin almost 3 years ago
1 I do like this play with a more than double up on my mula. Good find hundo man. strongman76 almost 3 years ago