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Manhattan (+6.5) at
Iona (-6.5) over +144.5

Game time: Friday 2/23, 9:00 PM

Manhattan 75 FINAL
Iona 88  view game

Icon-ok Iona (-7.0) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $2000.00

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Friday, 23 Feb 2018 7:39 AM

pick locked in about 18 hours ago

Manhattan vs Iona Pick

Stay with me here on this one. I got Iona -7 -109. My line was Iona -7.5 so I did have some small value. My SP did agree. The line has opened at 7 and right now the tickets are split. The $$ is mostly on Iona though. This is early and all that can change quickly here. This is were the stuff that makes sense ends. The stats slight favor Manhattan. Iona has a slightly better record SU but in the...

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Washington State (+5.5) at
California (-5.5) over +146.5

Game time: Thursday 2/22,11:00 PM

Washington State 78 FINAL
California 76  view game

Icon-ok Washington State (+3.0) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $2040.00

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Thursday, 22 Feb 2018 9:20 AM

pick locked in 1 day ago

Washington State vs California Pick

Taking WashST +4 -110. 4s everywhere. Even one 4.5 at BetUS. My line was CAL -2. So got me some decent LV. My SP had it around 1. This line opened at 3. Early tickets are favoring CAL with the actual $$ in favor of the dog here. Stats I like favor the dog in this matchup. CAL has a decided advantage on D. Both teams are sitting in similar circumstances with similar L10 numbers. Wash ST has went...

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The boys of summer are on way back. My favorite time of year to be a sports bettor. So I am going to do a early quick preview of all 30 teams. Picks for each division. And I will let ya know about some season win totals I will be on along the way. Lets get going......

So before i get into the first division let me explain a few things about what this preview is all about. First the preview will be short and sweet. One or two pertinent facts about each team. This is similar to the team sheets I keep. There WILL be more information out there on each team by far than what I and going be adding to this article, but I hope you enjoy it non the less. Those who know me and my handicapping know I keep the less is more attitude. My preseason work is no different.

Each team I will list the vegas win total. And the projected win total from fangraphs. Take that as you want. It doesn’t factor into my decisions really. Just fun to see. If I have a play on the win total I will add it into the team write up. Including ones I add later I will go back and update this. And there will be add ons. All teams will be added in the order I believe they will finish. Lets get going.

American League East (two team race)

1. NYY Vegas 94.5. FGraphs 94

The yanks were 2nd in batting last year and they got even better in offseason. Expect more of the same....


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Georgia Tech (+15.5) at
Virginia (-15.5) over +113.0

Game time: Wednesday 2/21, 7:00 PM

Georgia Tech 54 FINAL
Virginia 65  view game

Icon-ok Georgia Tech (+19.0) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $1961.54

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018 7:05 AM

pick locked in 3 days ago

Georgia Tech vs Virginia Pick

GT +19 -110. 1tiger76 bovada and a few others. This is one them games where I don’t give GT much if any chance to win but the cover could very well be in play. This line is just to high and it is not hard to see why. My line was Virginia -17. It opened at 21. Wish I would have done my lines last night. It has been dropping quickly all morning. The tickets slightly favor GT right now and the $$...

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Creighton (+6.0) at
Butler (-6.0) over +156.5

Game time: Tuesday 2/20, 7:00 PM

Creighton 70 FINAL
Butler 93  view game

Icon-ok Butler (-4.5) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $2000.00

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018 9:00 AM

pick locked in 4 days ago

Creighton vs Butler Pick

Butler -4.5 -110. Available at heritage. 5s are popping up and I’d be okay with them also. My line is -5.5 for Butler. My SP are even a bit higher. Early action the tickets are pretty split but the $$ is on Butler. This line will prolly climb. The stats don’t so much line up as Creighton is a little better on the stat sheet. These team have similar records SU. Creighton ATS record L10 isn’t...

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Maryland (+1.5) at
Northwestern (-1.5) over +132.5

Game time: Monday 2/19, 7:00 PM

Maryland 71 FINAL
Northwestern 64  view game

Icon-ok Maryland (pick) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $2010.00

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Monday, 19 Feb 2018 8:50 AM

pick locked in 5 days ago

Maryland vs Northwestern Pick

Maryland PK -110. My line was Maryland -1. Line opened at PK and has been bouncing around a little. Action is pretty evenly split and $$ is also. My SP like Terps to win also. Maryland carries the better stat sheet into this game. NW does have the slightly better D though. In L10 both teams have been playing Identical BB. Based on similar opponent spreads this should be higher. And couple weeks...

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Duke (-2.0) at
Clemson (+2.0) over +145.0

Game time: Sunday 2/18, 1:00 PM

Duke 66 FINAL
Clemson 57  view game

Icon-ok Clemson (+2.5) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Sunday, 18 Feb 2018 11:59 AM

pick locked in 6 days ago

Duke vs Clemson Pick

Taking Clemson +2.5 today at -104 thru heritage. Available most shops. This is a big wtf situation I think. I had Clemson -2. Duke is clearly the favorite public side. 65% of tickets and even the $$ is around 75%. ML bets are mostly on Duke tune of 89%. So this kinda falls into that whole books need Clemson badly. And you know I don’t mind being on books side. Teams are similar in most...

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Duquesne (+7.0) at
Saint Joe's (-7.0) over +142.0

Game time: Saturday 2/17, 6:00 PM

Duquesne 75 FINAL
Saint Joe's 82  view game

Icon-ok Duquesne (+8.5) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $2000.00

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Saturday, 17 Feb 2018 6:53 AM

pick locked in 7 days ago

Duquesne vs Saint Joe's Pick

Duquesne +8.5 -105. Heritage. Available everywhere. My line was STJoes -6. Plenty of LV on this one. My SP had no beef with that number. The way to early action shows around 60% of tics on Joes and 80% of $$ on DUQ. Will that hold up? Not sure yet but I am betting on yes. Neither of these teams have been playing well as of late. DUQ 3-7 and Joes 4-6 L10 SU. Both have around 500 ATS numbers...

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Wasn’t a great week for me with the SGP. Was 3-4 -1.3 units so it wasn’t stupid bad. Not a winning one though. CBB kinda took a turn for worse for me this week. Lets get into some numbers. Also going to ramble on about a stat.

Lets look at the numbers for the week.

For the week 3-4 for -1.3x
Last 30 days 18-12 for +5.25x
Since the return of the SGP 44-42 for -.95x

Not quite in the green this week. You will have a few swings. This is a much more manageable type losing week than some those earlier ones. Lets look at some sport specific highlights/lowlights.

NBA 5-9 for -4.61x. This is getting better. It may not show here but I have been doing pretty well in NBA and you should expect some more plays.

CBB 29-20 for +7.66x. This has cooled down a little. Honestly I didn’t win one of my plays over the weekend I don’t think. It will come back. Everything works in cycles.

That’s the SGP numbers for the week briefly. Lets look at the Onside/Leans/Volume type plays depending on what you want to call them.

For week they went 19-18 for -.2 units. Had some swings in there. All in all wasn’t great week. Like I mentioned earlier CBB was just brutal over weekend. I beat the line on 11 of those games and lost in the line move in 10. Ironically not once did the line move mean anything to the W/L....

The term Sharp Bettor is thrown around constantly in the sports betting community. It’s almost mystical. The fact is the Sharps as they are called are not really these Ace Rothstein types who are smoking cigars and sipping Scotch in sports books around vegas. In this article I will go into what makes a sharp and how you can become more like one and use their moves to benefit yourself. Lets do it.

What defines a Sharp.

A sharp bettor is defined as a bettor who constantly beats the closing line. Most think that it has more to do with the amount they bet and the amount they win. Which just isn’t true. Now what is true is because they beat the Closing line value (CLV) they typically do do better than most. Not all sharps bet large amounts of money. Some do. But you can bet a relatively small amount of money and get limited by sports books if you are constantly ahead of line movement. Some online books are notorious for this. One of the problems with being “Sharp”. So that is what makes a sharp a sharp. Now onto how they do it.

How do Sharps become Sharp

The vast majority of Sharp players are computer modelers now days. They build complex math models to set lines and scores for the games. They typically bet larger type volumes because of their implied edges. They...


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IUPUI (+9.0) at
Wisc Milwaukee (-9.0) over +131.0

Game time: Friday 2/16, 8:00 PM

Wisc Milwaukee 71  view game

Icon-ok IUPUI (+9.5) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $2000.00

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Friday, 16 Feb 2018 8:45 AM

pick locked in 8 days ago

IUPUI vs Wisc Milwaukee Pick

Taking IUPUI +10 -108 to try and break this mini slump today. My line was WML -9. Got some line value. My SP agreed. IUPUI carries a 8-17 SU and 8-14-1 ATS. MiL has better numbers there. And in there last 5 MiL has been a lot better. May be the reason why this line is a little inflated. You can look into common matchups and see that WMIL has done better although the line have been set...

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Loyola Marymount (+24.0) at
Gonzaga (-24.0) over +150.5

Game time: Thursday 2/15, 9:00 PM

Loyola Marymount 46 FINAL
Gonzaga 76  view game

Icon-ok Loyola Marymount (+24.0) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Thursday, 15 Feb 2018 8:30 AM

pick locked in 9 days ago

Loyola Marymount vs Gonzaga Pick

Got Loyola Mar +24 1-7. Heritage. My line was -23.5. Just a little bit of value. The SP were right around there also. This line opened at 24 and to this point has pretty much held steady. Some 23.5s are popping up though so I wouldn’t wait long. The stat sheets between these teams is closer than you would expect for a spread this high. Don’t get me wrong here. Zags are the better team. They...

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Illinois (+9.0) at
Indiana (-9.0) over +141.5

Game time: Wednesday 2/14, 8:30 PM

Illinois 68 FINAL
Indiana 78  view game

Icon-ok Illinois (+8.5) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Wednesday, 14 Feb 2018 8:25 AM

pick locked in 10 days ago

Illinois vs Indiana Pick

Illinios +9 -110. Heritage and others. My line was 7.5. Decent LV. The SP were good for that number for sure. About 80% of early tickets are on Indiana and early money is just the opposite from that. It is favoring the dog. Kinda surprising some the shops moved to 9 from opening 8.5. I’ll take it here. The stats look great for this matchup. And common games line spread suggest a line in the...

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Kansas (-7.0) at
Iowa State (+7.0) over +152.0

Game time: Tuesday 2/13, 7:00 PM

Kansas 83 FINAL
Iowa State 77  view game

Icon-ok Iowa State (+6.5) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $2000.00

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Tuesday, 13 Feb 2018 8:57 AM

pick locked in 11 days ago

Kansas vs Iowa State Pick

Got Iowa ST +6.5 -104 from heritage. Available most shops for now. My line on the game was Kanas -6. Small line value. My SP though it should be a little less than that even. The early action is tickets favor Kansas 56% or so. The money has been favoring Iowa ST though. 64% of $$ is there. Stats are pretty close to what I would expect with this spread really. When these two played in Kansas the...

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Baylor (+3.0) at
Texas (-3.0) over +132.0

Game time: Monday 2/12, 9:00 PM

Baylor 74 FINAL
Texas 73  view game

Icon-ok Texas (-2.0) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Monday, 12 Feb 2018 2:25 PM

pick locked in 11 days ago

Baylor vs Texas Pick

Got TEX -2 -115. 1tiger76, beltonline and BetUS has it there. Still a solid play at 2.5 imo. My line was -3.5. Some value based on the number. My SP loved this line. The market not so much though. About 57% of tickets are on Texas and about 70% of the money is on Baylor. It has dropped the line from -3 opening to the -2/-2.5 it is out there now. Which just pushes it better into my line and SP. ...

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Another week in the books and it was another good one. Ended it with a couple losses and the super hot streak may be slowing down a bit. But I made up ground and got back to positive $$ way faster than I thought I was going to. Lets get into it and see how it went down!

Okay I went 4-3 for +.89 last week. Will take that every week. Lets look at the numbers.

Last week 4-3 for +.89x
Last month 19-11 for +7.37x
Since SGP return 41-38 for +.35x

Solid numbers there considering a month ago the struggle was real. Stay with the process. Things coaster, that is the way it has always been and the way it will always be. Here is the sport by sport breakdown.

NFL 7-8 for -1.61x. Those guys who was with me whole NFL season knows I had a decent campaign this year. It’s over now with two bets in row on NE and they went down in flames both times. Oh well. Can’t wait for next year.

CFB 3-5 for -2.39x This wasn’t my year here. A few just plain brutal Saturdays.

NBA 4-9 -5.61x. I have talked some about this struggle. Hopefully we get this number a little better second half.

CBB 27-16 +9.96. Majority of SGPs will be here until bases gets rolling. This has been the bread and butter this year.

How did the my leans (Onside Picks) go? They were profitable as well. Some real swings though. Not for the faint of heart.

For week 25-21 for...


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Sacramento Kings (+13.0) at
Minnesota Timberwolves (-13.0) over +211.0

Game time: Sunday 2/11, 7:05 PM

Sacramento Kings 106 FINAL
Minnesota Timberwolves 111  view game

Icon-ok Sacramento Kings (+13.0) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $1970.87

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Sunday, 11 Feb 2018 9:41 AM

pick locked in 13 days ago

Sacramento Kings vs Minnesota Timberwolves Pick

SAC +13 -104. Heritage. Been awhile since I have p;aged NBA for SGP but going back in today. I like the points here in this matchup. My line was MIN -12. Got some LV here. My score projection keeps it under that number also. The early tickets on game are not far from split down middle. Early reporting shows the majority of $$ is on MIN. 78%. Even with that the line dropped from 13.5 to 13. Are...

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Massachusetts (+7.0) at
Saint Joe's (-7.0) over +142.0

Game time: Saturday 2/10, 4:00 PM

Massachusetts 73 FINAL
Saint Joe's 85  view game

Icon-ok Massachusetts (+6.0) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Saturday, 10 Feb 2018 10:38 AM

pick locked in 14 days ago

Massachusetts vs Saint Joe's Pick

Mass +7. It’s available 1tiger76 and BetUS still. I’d play down to 6 though. It is dropping fast. My line on game was STJoes -5. I good bit of LV on this one. My SP fell well within the number. These market numbers have changed some since I bet it but are still favorable. The tickets are split around 50/50. That has come up. 40 minutes ago the majority of $$ was showing on the favorite....

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Massachusetts (+7.0) at
Saint Joe's (-7.0) over +142.0

Game time: Saturday 2/10, 4:00 PM

Massachusetts 73 FINAL
Saint Joe's 85  view game

Icon-ok Massachusetts (+6.0) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Saturday, 10 Feb 2018 10:35 AM

pick locked in 14 days ago


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Princeton (+2.0) at
Harvard (-2.0) over +131.5

Game time: Friday 2/9, 7:00 PM

Princeton 51 FINAL
Harvard 66  view game

Icon-ok Princeton (+1.5) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Friday, 09 Feb 2018 6:47 AM

pick locked in 15 days ago

Princeton vs Harvard Pick

Got Princeton +1.5 -105 at heritage. Available pretty much everywhere right now. My line on the game was a PK. My SP were good one having Princeton winning outright. The line opened Harvard -1.5 and the very very early ticket count is on Harvard about 65%. $$ is on Princeton though. 54%. Stats really favor the dog here. Both teams really carry a similar record profile into the game both SU and...

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Western Illinois (+6.0) at
Nebraska Omaha (-6.0) over +147.5

Game time: Thursday 2/8, 8:00 PM

Western Illinois 68 FINAL
Nebraska Omaha 71  view game

Icon-ok Western Illinois (+6.0) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $2040.00

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Thursday, 08 Feb 2018 3:28 PM

pick locked in 15 days ago

Western Illinois vs Nebraska Omaha Pick

W Illinois +6.5 -105 Heritage. Available across board. I actually took this game this morning at 5.5. Line has gotten bette which make me like it even a bit more. My line on game was NEOM -3.5. Tons of value here. My SP agreed with that assessment. Line opened at +5.5. Early action was tickets on NEOM to tune of 65% or so while some money keeps resisting on the dog. Stats kinda favor the dog...

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Georgia (+4.0) at
Vanderbilt (-4.0) over +132.5

Game time: Wednesday 2/7, 8:30 PM

Georgia 66 FINAL
Vanderbilt 81  view game

Icon-ok Georgia (+3.5) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018 9:05 AM

pick locked in 17 days ago

Georgia vs Vanderbilt Pick

I got Georgia +3.5 -105 tonight. Available across board for now. Not long I believe. My line on the game was Vandy -2.5. My SP agreed with this spread. Early tickets are slightly favoring Vandy around 55% but the $$ is in favor of the dog. About 75%. This line should be going down. These two team carry a similar stat resume to this game. Vandy has had some recent struggles. Maybe due to injury...

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Pennsylvania (+5.5) at
Princeton (-5.5) over +138.5

Game time: Tuesday 2/6, 6:00 PM

Pennsylvania 82 FINAL
Princeton 65  view game

Icon-ok Pennsylvania (+4.5) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $1970.87

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Tuesday, 06 Feb 2018 7:34 AM

pick locked in 18 days ago

Pennsylvania vs Princeton Pick

Got Penn +5 -106 today. My line was Princeton -4.5. A bit of value. The SP agreed. The very early action has been tickets on Princeton and the $$ on Penn. these Ivey league games don’t have a huge draw midweek though. Stats, well Princeton does has some decent advantages. Penn has had better season. Neither team been great against the number. If you look back at the common opponents numbers...

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Siena (+9.0) at
Fairfield (-9.0) over +136.0

Game time: Monday 2/5, 7:00 PM

Siena 65 FINAL
Fairfield 78  view game

Icon-ok Siena (+8.0) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Monday, 05 Feb 2018 9:04 AM

pick locked in 19 days ago

Siena vs Fairfield Pick

Got Sienna +8.5 -110. I am grading at 8 because that is what is still available everywhere. Is a 8.5 or two still though. My line was Fairfield -8. Not tons of line value. My SP were a little better than that though. So far ticket and money count is higher sienna. Has dropped the line from 9 to 8. Stats I like favor the dog here. Both teams have similar ATS and SU records. And their past...

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