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At East Coast Sports Investors we often focus on lesser-known teams and less-popular games as oftentimes less information is available on those teams and games and certain trends tend to stick out and offer value that the average person may not catch. Oddsmakers set lines to balance the action, so in reality we’re often handicapping against the general public perception, and the general public rarely ever wins long term. When you think of it that way our job is really not that difficult since we have more than four decades of experience and know what to look for when handicapping a game. The sportsbooks and oddsmakers have to handicap and set lines for every game — we simply find a few of their mistakes. East Coast Sports Investors uses a combination of technical and fundamental handicapping along with exclusive information that we gather from a vast network of contacts that we have developed over the past 30+ years. At East Coast Sports Investors we built our name in the 1990s by becoming one of the best in handicapping college sports. That still holds true today as our best results still come from college football and college basketball.

Vegas & Boston

Teams: All of them that make us $$ | Nebraska 80s & 90s

East division @ $7126.89

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